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Create a Ghost 15 drive image of a Windows 7 Reference Computer

See Main Article:How to Clone Windows 7 using Norton Ghost 15 and Microsoft Sysprep

To create a drive image of a Windows 7 computer using Norton Ghost 15, you will need a Windows 7 reference computer prepared with Sysprep for disk imaging. and a Custom Symantec Recovery Disk or bootable USB to boot up the reference computer with and make a drive image.

Follow this procedure to make a Ghost 15 image of Windows 7:

  1. Install and configure your Windows 7 reference computer including all third party software and updates.
  2. Create a Custom Symantec Recovery Disk or USB Stick
  3. Prepare the Windows 7 reference computer for making a Norton Ghost 15 drive image. See Sysprep for disk imaging.
  4. After preparing the reference computer for copying with Sysprep, boot it up with your Custom Symantec Recovery Disk, making sure that the BIOS boot priority has been changed to reflect the need to boot off of a DVD or USB stick.

    Symantec Recovery Utility is booting up

    Symantec Recovery Utility is starting up

  5. Accept the EULA

    Accept the EULA

  6. Norton Ghost 15 is now running on the reference machine and you should select the Back Up My Computer option from the menu.

    Select Back up your computer

  7. The back up welcome screen appears – click Next.

    Welcome screen – click next

  8. Select the drive to be copied til and image file, and click Next.
  9. Map a network drive to your storage device, unless you are using a local storage device.

    Map a network drive

    Network drive mapped

  10. The screen shows your choices, if you are ready to proceed. Click Next.

    Select the network mapped drive.

  11. Rename the file that will contain the drive image. Click Next.

    Rename the drive image file.

    Ready to click Next.

  12. Enter an appropriate description of the drive image file (or not). Click Next.
  13. Symantec Recovery Disk is  now ready to perform the backup operation. Click Next.

    Completing the Backup Computer Wizard.

  14. The next screen shows that the back up operation is in progress.

    Backup operation in progress.

    Backup process completed.

  15. The backup process has completed the creation of a drive image file and the reference computer may be shut down or restarted.

    Restart reference computer

  16. Click Yes to restart the reference computer.

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By Jens Vejrup Lassen

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