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Why is my WiFi network adapter so slow?

Really slow WiFi performance

Sometimes a laptop or other WiFi enabled device on the company or home WLAN shows deplorable perfomance, and it just doesn’t makes sense, because the device works properly, but just on other WiFi networks. The cause of your problem might just be congestion in the WiFi environment in the vicinity of your WLAN.

To troubleshoot the problem you could

  1. install a network monitor, for example Netstumbler, to discover wireless networks in your vicinity or
  2. open a command window in elevated mode, and execute this command:
    c:>netsh wlan show all

If you discover wireless networks nearby, you should make a note of the channels being used by your WLAN and the other WLANS, if one or more is using the same channel as your WLAN, you may have found the problem. Try changing the channel on your WiFi router to a unused channel and test whether this may be the solution to your slow WiFi performance.

By Jens Vejrup Lassen

For more information regarding troubleshooting WLAN problems see this page.
And more information regarding sniffing networks here.

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